Our clients and our work

Hughes Consulting helps clients achieve sustained improvement in organisational performance

We work with the senior executives and directors of significant public and private sector organisations to bring about consultancy outcomes including sustained improvement in organisational performance and resolution of business issues.

Typically our clients are under pressure. Distractions of day-to-day issues can act as a barrier to developing and implementing a longer-term strategic solution.

Consultancy outcomes

Our focus is on strategic management but with practicable outcomes and a clean pathway for implementation.

Tough, intractable problems can often be the catalyst for our involvement. We welcome the opportunity help tackle these challenges. Beyond immediate problems are often underlying structural or management issues. We also help identify and address these.

Our first step is the stripping away of preconceptions – an essential precursor to building solutions.

Our services to clients are built on several levels.

The issues we address with our clients are often complex and difficult. But the first step towards tackling them is quite straightforward: a valuable working relationship.

We welcome the opportunity to help you map out the challenges as you see them. Initial contact is informal and totally confidential. No consultancy fee is charged at this stage.

If your requirements fall outside our area of expertise, we will tell you so.

Whether or not we take our working relationship further, this initial dialogue will set you on the road to addressing the issues we’ve discussed.

Contact us to for the opportunity for an initial discussion.

Strategic solutions to management pressures

There can be conflicting pressures on C-suite executives and directors, including:

  • increasing competition as markets are deregulated or reshaped
  • legislative changes, imposing constraints or creating opportunities
  • shortage of experience within a sector or lack of continuity within a management team.
  • increasing demands for transparency, accountability and return on shareholder investment.
  • changing consumer expectations.
  • rapid changes in the technology and economics of information management and service delivery.

With the benefit of our unique perspective, clients can step back and analyse these processes in a methodical way, before working with us to develop forward looking solutions.

Value adding working relationship

New Zealand Post, the universal postal service provider, engaged Hughes Consulting to contribute the analytical foundation for the ideation, design, development, and launch of innovative new products. Products that exploit New Zealand Post’s core competencies and brand, are based on a multi-sided platform, and are part of the digital economy. Our work with New Zealand Post has attracted worldwide media attention.