Track record and industry experience

Our business experience

In more than 20 years, Hughes Consulting has built an extensive portfolio of business experience, working across both the private and public sectors, with clients in the following sectors:

  • logistics, ports, parcels and postal
  • data analysis and official statistics
  • banking, insurance and financial services
  • telecommunications and air traffic control
  • energy and roading infrastructure
  • agri-business and forestry
  • core government departments

A common feature of many client organisations is that they are, or are contributors to, network businesses utilising large scale systems and processes or involved in regulating networks.

Value delivered to clients

Hughes Consulting can show high value-for-money to our clients from our participation in strategic business initiatives. Specific examples are:

  • strategies to create core competencies, and leverage existing core competencies into new areas of business
  • design, development and launch of new multi-sided market platforms
  • design and development of systems, product and organisational responses to change in markets from competitive actions and emerging trends
  • development of negotiating strategies in contractual disputes

Much of our work involves assisting organisations respond to strategic issues that arise from changes and developments in the digital economy.

An example of how our unique industry experience has been applied is in the development of Delivery as a Service (DaaS) product offerings. DaaS provides a digital, logistics and payment platform that enables the fulfillment of end-to-end customer experiences.

We bring to DaaS platform projects an understanding of:

  • Design and testing of user-centric services combining real-time communications, and transport delivery agents, to meet customer needs
  • Technical and operational characteristics of digital, logistics and payment technology and infrastructure
  • Economics of multi-sided market platforms and their use of pricing
  • The commercial frameworks to enable the different participants in the value network to benefit from joining the platform
  • Data analytics, and routing, scheduling and queuing algorithms

A feature of the way we work with clients is to transfer our specialist knowledge to our clients. This is an important feature of the way we work and we have developed a publishing arm to our business to facilitate this.

References to our work

The New Zealand Productivity Commission’s final report on transitioning to a low-emissions economy (August 2018), page 330.