Strategic management and business transformation

We help with the overall framing of strategic directions as well as more specific tasks of organisational change

At the highest level, we help our clients with the charting of strategic directions. At the next level we address specific tasks of organisational change, each linked to strategic direction. Much of this work involves understanding the interaction between markets and businesses particularly as it relates to the digital economy:

  1. Strategy development and review
  2. Response to government policy directions and legislation
  3. Leading business transformation

Strategy development and review

Changes in market context demand well-considered strategies, leading to decisions which affect the fundamental structure or operation of an organisation. We help with the development of these new strategies, and also review current or planned strategies to provide assurance that they have been properly researched and developed. This is done through consideration of:

  • repositioning in the market especially multi-sided markets (markets characterised by strong positive cross group effects such as the postal network of receivers and senders)
  • market analysis to support pricing, product design, and market positioning strategies
  • developing and exploiting core competencies
  • taking advantage of the digital economy (in particular exploiting ICT networks and large information processing systems)

Response to government policy directions and legislation

Policy changes can have a profound impact on organisational success. We can provide valuable insights into the likely impacts and directions of public policy.

Leading business transformation

Leading organisational change to implement new strategic direction covering:

  • Organisational and corporate governance structures
  • Blueprints of the activity type and method of operation
  • High level systems and process architectures
  • Frameworks for decisions to own and manage a capability or to outsource
  • Strategy for contracting, and monitoring consistency of contracts with organisational objectives
  • Independent performance review and assessment