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Our most recent publication is Information and Institutions of Government Accountability by Len Cook and Robert Hughes. It scrutinises the consequences of poor government accountability and the costs this imposes on some it its citizens. Citizens have successfully challenged government and instituted new information sources with improved outcomes for these people.

Drawing on examples of past failures of the New Zealand government towards its citizens, Information and Institutions of Government Accountability presents the case for improved accountability. It concludes with a description of a new institutional structure needed to oversee the provision of trustworthy information.

We publish The Business Angle book series which deal with issues facing multi-sided market, platform businesses, and leveraging core competencies into new valuable business opportunities.

A copy of Information and Institutions of Government Accountability can be purchased here …

We also publish The Drive of Business: Strategies for Creating Business Angles by Robert Hughes. The Drive of Business sets out the principles underpinning the creation and leveraging of core competencies, and the design of multi-sided platform businesses. These principles are useful to answer questions such as:

  • What are the alternative business models available for start-ups?
  • What are the business models available for a business in crisis?
  • Why is there a range of different business models?
  • What are the trade-offs between different business models?
  • How can understanding the determinants of a business model be used to create competitive advantage?
  • What are the various sources of business value that underpin core competencies?
  • How can these be used to leverage existing core competencies into new opportunities?
  • How are multi-sided platforms created and sustained?
  • What are the different ways to exploit a perceived business opportunity and what are the different strategies available to do this?

A copy of The Drive of Business can be purchased here…

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