Robert Hughes

The multidisciplinary background of our principal, Robert Hughes, includes management, business economics, process engineering and information management

Robert Hughes is a strategic management consultant. He is a Certified Management Consultant (Member of the Institute of Consulting), Chartered Engineer (Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology), Chartered Information Technology Professional (Member of the British Computer Society), and Chartered Manager (Member of the Chartered Management Institute). He holds a Masters degree in economics, and Doctorate (research topic in financial speculation). He has published a number of papers on a range of topics and contributed as a visiting lecturer to post-graduate degree programmes.

Prior to his current role as principal of Hughes Consulting, he was a partner in the international business advisory firm KPMG. Clients of Hughes Consulting are significant organisations located in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Robert’s key skill set is leading organisational change: developing and exploiting core competencies; repositioning in the market – especially multi-sided markets (markets characterised by strong positive cross group effects such as the postal network of receivers and senders) and network industries; and taking advantage of the digital economy (in particular exploiting information and telecommunications technology, and large-scale data processing systems).

A hallmark of his working relationship with clients is to provide thought leadership on a vision for the future, mentoring on the leadership required to implement strategic change, and transferring this knowledge to the client organisation. He most commonly works as counsel to C-suite executives and directors.

In addition to establishing Hughes Consulting in 1992, he has founded: a software business that provides technology to provision business processes as software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications; a software business that provides tools to support the administrative processes required to discharge legal obligations; and an agri-business.

With the benefit of his unique vision, the full potential of technology developments can be integrated constructively into corporate strategies.

Robert’s insight into the technology/strategy interface results in solutions that are as practical as they are enduring.

Contact details

P: +64 4 4711851 extension 1