Michael Stewart

Michael brings leadership experience in operational management and innovation of logistics networks (road, rail, sea and air) and transport systems, and supply chain management

Michael has held General Manager positions in leading logistics companies, and in these roles he has been responsible for operational performance, change management, and innovation. He holds an MBA, is member of the Institute of Directors (NZ). He is an experienced international consultant having undertaken assignments in New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Malta, Nepal, Chile and Samoa.

Michael has proven commercial experience, and has led and transformed a NZ$35m business, developed and led high-performing teams (120 staff and 130 contractors), developed and implemented major marketing projects, and instituted innovative real-time management and performance monitoring systems.

He is an experienced transformation manager who has successfully implemented culture change initiatives alongside achieving customer and business objectives in several industries including banking and logistics. Examples of key achievements are:

  • Successfully implemented a new structure of a business unit. This involved the recruitment of new leadership and new support functions, implementing new working roster and real time management dashboards, and focusing on developing a new team.
  • Successfully restructured a business driven by in-depth data analysis to understand customer usage patterns. This resulted in a loss making business becoming profitable.
  • Leveraging technology solutions in the change management process to drive out “re-work” loops to improve efficiency.

Strongly innovative and entrepreneurial, Michael utilises design thinking to create innovative solutions, new services and productivity improvements that combine user/customer perspectives and analytical research.

He is a Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) specialist. He has developed the DaaS strategy and implemented “proof of concept/minimum viable products” operations for NZ Post. He has also experience in implementing and running a DaaS business providing on demand food delivery.

Contact details

P: +64 4 4711851 extension 2
E: Mike.Stewart@HughesConsult.nz