Forensic economics and strategic management research

Uncovering patterns in business, financial and economic data

Hughes Consulting focuses on the interface of management, economics and technology, especially as it applies to network businesses impacted by trends in the digital economy. Much of our work involves uncovering hidden patterns in data as it relates to the decisions made by management, the actions of government, buyers, suppliers and competitors, and changes in market context. Our analysis relies on the application of scientific methods underpinned by business economic and strategic management theories:

  • Quantifying the value of assets and implications for pricing in network industries in telecommunications, energy and logistics
  • Evaluating the impact of changes in contractual conditions with buyers and suppliers, and past management policies, especially where these apply to information and communications technology
  • Assessing the extent to which the commercial actions of a business comply with the requirements set down in legislation

Expert witness and advisor

We provide forensic economic services related to these areas of strategic management and act as expert advisors on matters where commercial disputes arise. Work has been completed for the Crown, State Owned Enterprises, and publicly listed companies. Some of these matters have resulted in High Court cases, where we have submitted expert testimony on commercial issues, including those relating to pricing formulae, and the economic source of business assets.

Our skill is explaining complex business and commercial situations, and the different circumstances that can give rise to them. Evidence of our competence to do this are the strategic management assignments we have completed, and the related research we have undertaken.